So one of my first board game designs was a game called CombatAnts.

CombatAnts can be played by three or four players. Each player controls a colony of three anthills and their queens. The game covers three turns—or years. Each year is broken down into four rounds—or seasons; each round is in divided into a number of phases. The major issue faced by the ants is gathering resources and increasing their numbers. The ants will find themselves competing with rival colonies for these resources.

Players score victory points for laying down pheromone trails from their colony’s anthills to new food sources. With plentiful food, the queens can lay eggs and grow the numbers of their soldiers and workers, so players also score victory points for each solider and worker in their colony. At the end of the game the player who has scored the most victory points is the winner.

The game went through 6 revisions and here are the details I posted on my blog: Link