Millions of years ago a highly advanced civilization once flourished on Gliese 581g. Now all that remains are ruins, the Gliesians disappearance a dark mystery. Now a fledgling colony has been established on Gliese, with thirty men and women living in a pressurized dome. An archaeological team searching the nearby ruins discovered a sealed stone vault containing an artefact: a perfect metal sphere. They transported it to a lab in the colony complex, and while examining the artefact broke open and releases a Nanomite swarm that now threatens to overrun the entire complex. Several Emergency Response Teams have been dispatch to rescue the colonists and to contain the swarms.

Will your team succeed before the Nanomites escape the complex and infect the rest of the galaxy?


Your group of Emergency Response Team (ERT) members must work together to rescue the colonists and keep The Nanomite Swarms from escaping the complex. Whichever player contributed the most to the victory is declared the overall winner. If however, too many of the colonists become infected, infected colonists escape the Launch Bay or Nanomites overrun the complex, the mission ends in defeat!