The object of Demolition is to reach the goal (Ka-boom) first, or to have the most points if there is a tie. Players create Burndowns of three materials: Wood, Oil and Gun Powder, which burn at different rates and durations. These Burndowns must be in constant motion throughout the game or else become extinguished. Players collect cards and Fuel Points during the game to create additional Burndowns, modify existing Burndowns, create obstacles for other players, remove obstacles or extinguish other players’ Burndowns. This should be a fast moving game where the strategy is determining what card to play and when. The luck factor is what cards you draw and what fuel points you pick up.

The board game would use a hexagon grid. There would be static paths—that look like groves—with branches, Gaps, Fuel Depots, Firewalls and the Ka-boom. There would be four boards: 2, 3, 4 and 5 player boards, double-sided. Each player gets a supply of Burndown tiles of one colour: Green, Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow. This game does not require dice.