Influence takes place during the 14th century in a small kingdom in Eastern Europe: Hexsylvania. Each player takes the role of a major noble family trying to exert political control over the kingdom. This control takes the form of influence cubes that are placed on various regions on the map. Prairies provide wheat to feed the people; the forests supply lumber to build homes; and the mountains are rich in ore to forge the finest steel. Perhaps most important of all are the small towns scattered across Hexsylvania's rugged landscape. They are divided into six factions, and influencing the greatest variety of these factions might be the key to controlling the kingdom! The player with the most influence wins.


The objective of the game is to score the most victory points at the end of the game. Victory points are awarded by influence over the four different terrain types:

  • 1 victory point for each Prairie hex
  • 2 victory points for each Forest hex
  • 3 victory points for each Mountain hex
  • 4 victory points for each Lake hex
There are also bonus cards that award 5 points per hex displaying a specific faction icon.